ERC MAX stands for Enterprise Resource Collaboration for Maximization. Every business order to run and expand effectively need access to various resources at different stages.These resources range from Capital, Finance,Infrastructure, Manpower, Technology, Know How etc. etc.. The list is long and exhaustive. An Enterprise needs some or all resources at every stage before and after inception. An Entrepreneur is constantly facing the challenge to gather up the resources to achieve business objectives. In the process he runs the risk of getting deviated from the original ideas, plans and schedules and waste precious time, effort and money on integrating the required resources. The process is painful as it surely takes away the attention away from where it should be, business.Here is where ERC MAX extends a helping hand to the entrepreneur in their endeavors of growth. ERC MAX through its ventures provide the entrepreneurs with the kind of resources required at the right time with the right arrangement. Erc’s value ethic concentrates on maximizing value and the output of each and every resource. ERC MAX is gradually and increasingly becoming capable of handling most or all of your entrepreneurial challenges, so that you can concentrate on just one thing that matters your Business.